With more than 220,000 killed in the January 12th earthquake and an estimated 2 million living in temporary shelters, Haiti’s future is being discussed at both the United Nations and in Congress.

The United Nations has estimated the total building cost around $11.5 billion and Haiti was hoping to raise around $3.9 billion to cover the initial phase at the March 31st International Donors’ Conference towards a New Future for Haiti at the UN Headquarters.  Other nations are stepping in to help as well, President Obama is asking Congress for more than 2.8 billion to help the nation recover and The European Union has pledged some $1.6 billion for Haiti’s reconstruction.

Below are the opening remarks Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke at Haiti donors’ conference on March 31st,

As we move from emergency aid to long-term reconstruction, let us recognize that we cannot accept business as usual. What we envision, today, is wholesale national renewal … a sweeping exercise in nation-building on a scale and scope not seen in generations.

Making a difference in the lives of Haiti’s children is Trilogy Build’s own Michael Rath, who is headed to Haiti this month with HORP (Haiti Orphan Rescue Program).  Their mission is to support orphanages and build sustainable children’s communites in Haiti.  According to HORP’s website, “HORP plans to develop children’s communities to include durable housing, clinics, classrooms, gardens, and recreational space. Skills Centers and micro business development will encourage community involvement and funding. HORP volunteers in Haiti will work with local laborers.  Our skilled trades volunteers will spend as much time teaching as they do building.  Most of our contributions will go toward local purchases of building materials, supplies. Our contributors can take ownership in our program by sponsoring to build a kitchen for $400 or an entire complex for $40,000.”

Current living conditions in Haiti. HORP is hoping to repair mosquito netting before the rain sets in.

John and Dr. Mike

Please visit the HORP website if you’d like to make a difference in the lives of these children.

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