Clients are the key to our design. Stories, ambitions, passions….all of these create who you are and what you want your home or space to be. We put clients in the drivers seat with real time design sessions. See your ideas, thoughts, concerns addressed right in front of your eyes with Trilogy’s revolutionary Virtual Design process that combines 3D modeling and Virtual Reality to allow you to “test drive” your space before construction begins.

We love stellar, original design.

A great and interactive design process leads to better design. It paves the way to a successful construction process.

Virtual Design is the best way to achieve world-class results while honoring your budget every time.

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We build every space twice: once in the computer and then once again in real life.

While in the virtual home we can identify, and rectify, any construction issues that would have otherwise been addressed on the jobsite, saving clients money and time.

The virtual model may look so real that it is assumed to be very expensive to create. This virtual model is not a luxury as it lowers project costs and enhances design and value. It becomes a necessity for you as the client to fully understand your investment, and necessary for the builders to fully understand what they need to build.

“It was while standing in a gallery in Hanoi one day last year that I learned to appreciate the true power of Trilogy's 3D modeling technology”
- Lawrence Kim, Client

What are the benefits of Virtual Design?

  • You know exactly what your design will look like and how it feels. With Virtual Reality you will be in the room with your design selections, which eliminates second guessing and the “trust me” aspect of interior design.
  • Subcontractors see what needs to be done. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? More clarity means less mistakes and less time to complete the job.
  • Value-engineer your design by knowing the costs and make selections that can keep your budget on track.
  • The constructability of your design is evaluated before stepping onto the jobsite to make sure that it can be executed in a timely and orderly manner.
  • Trilogy’s process brings architects, engineers, interior designers and builders into a collaborative space that is focused on catering to the client.
  • Trilogy creates a virtual showroom right in your model so that finding just the right fixture or finish is a breeze. No more brick and mortar torture of being overwhelmed in one showroom after another.
  • Trilogy will place your existing furniture and artwork into the virtual model so you can rest assured that every piece will harmoniously flow in the new space
  • Your virtual model is available on any mobile device or computer at anytime to reflect upon or to share with family and friends.

What is the additional cost to this?


Virtual Design is the best way that we know how to express design ideas and let our clients give insight and influence their home’s design.  This is all done without an “upcharge” to provide you with the best design experience possible.

Take your home for a “test drive” before construction starts.

Would you like more sun in the morning? To capture the mountain views from your bathtub? Less windows in your bedroom? You experience all of this during design with Trilogy Design Works, and are able to change the design or layout of your home, landscaping, color selections before construction.

Through Virtual Design sessions you are a part of your design team. Put your hands on fabric samples and see the couch placed into your living room to ensure it is the perfect size and style for you.

Your design team sits down with you to find out how you want your new space to feel, to function and identify some key components that will lead to a successful project. From there a virtual model is constructed and we start to have fun with creating your ideal space in a virtual environment.

Design is how we connect with our clients and our clients are the key ingredient to design potential.
Their stories. Their ambitions. Their passions.

It’s not about us… it’s not about trends or fads or… anything else but the client. Trilogy Partner’s revolutionary Project Management Modeling (PMM) is specifically designed to put our clients in the driver’s seat though the design process.

This is design, redesigned for the future.

Gone are the days of guessing what your selections look like, or simply trusting the designer. You know what you like when you see it, and Trilogy Design Works gives you the opportunity to see design before construction begins. We invented it, perfected it, and now proudly offer it to all of our clients.


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