A good design process leads to better design. It paves the way to a successful construction process. Virtual Design is the best way to achieve world-class results every time while minimizing your risk and maximizing your return potential.

What is Virtual Design?

We invented it, perfected it, and now it’s available to all of our clients. It is design, redesigned for the future.

Gone are the days of guessing what your selections look like, or simply trusting the designer. You know what you like when you see it, and Trilogy Design Works gives you the opportunity to see design before construction begins.

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A little old and a lot of new

Trilogy Design Works uses 3D modeling and Virtual Reality to update the 2D construction process into a format that clients, subcontractors, government entities, HOAs and other professions can immediately understand.

Step ahead of the competition by putting clients into their new home, office or hospitality space to experience the design and selections before construction begins. Through Virtual Reality and 3D modeling, your clients will know their house, tile selections, drawer pulls, lighting, layout, window, views…everything is right there to experience and approve. Clients can share with family and friends on a portable mobile model.

Vet architecture and engineering for constructability before construction begins, saving both time and money. We can work with your team or ours to aggregate the architectural and engineering models for clash detection. Any items are identified and rectified before construction begins. What does this mean for you? No more waiting for the engineer or architect to sign off on changes while construction is under way, no more time delays, no more cost overages to explain to clients.

If you do not have an interior design team, we can fulfill that for you. This expands your offerings, controls the project with ID input from the beginning and offers an extra line of revenue for your company.

Do you need to be a computer person to work this way?

Absolutely not.

We ask for your open mind and honest thoughts.
We can take care of the rest.

Trilogy Partner’s revolutionary Project Management Modeling (PMM) is specifically designed to put your clients in the driver’s seat though the design process.

Call us today on 970-453-2230 to discuss implementing PMM.

What are the benefits of Virtual Design?

  • Clients will know what their design will look like and how it feels. With Virtual Reality you can put them in the room with design selections, which eliminates second guessing and the “trust me” aspect of interior design.
  • No more model homes! Test drive home and interior designs with Virtual Reality focus groups, allow potential clients to “walk through” home models to select which one suits them best.
  • Subcontractors see what needs to be done. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? More clarity means less mistakes and less time to complete the job. From framing to tile, the 3D modeling is a valuable asset that also erases any language barriers.
  • Allow clients to value-engineer design by knowing the costs and make selections that can keep their budget on track.
  • The constructability of a design is evaluated before stepping onto the jobsite to make sure that it can be executed in a timely and orderly manner.
  • Trilogy’s process brings architects, engineers, interior designers and builders into a collaborative space that is focused on catering to the client.
  • Virtual models are available on any mobile device or computer at anytime for clients to reflect upon or to share with family and friends.

We invented it, perfected it, and now it’s available to our clients and development partners.

This is the future of design and construction.


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