Do you still use a rotary phone or have you upgraded to a smartphone? Do you use a map while driving or GPS? These may seem like funny questions as it may seem silly to continue using obsolete technologies for reasons other than nostalgia. Why is the design and construction industry still using 2D drawings to relay ideas to clients?

Our design and build industry has been business as usual for the past couple hundred years.  Clients are shown 2D drawings to understand their home or structure and then build based off of 2D drawings. Why is this?

Michael Rath, CEO of Trilogy Partners, asked himself this question in 2008, he was fed up of the old ways where clients had an architect, builder and designer all essentially speaking different languages and not communicating to each other. This old model of how to build leads to projects being over budget, over scheduled and not the exciting and satisfying process that building your dream should be. He decided that it was time to break the mold and figure out a way where he could bring everyone together in one efficient working process. Michael found the 3D Modeling program SketchUp and he knew that this was how he was going to change how things would be done.


Michael wanted to create a collaborative process where everyone works from an exact 3D virtual model of a structure that is to be built. Where everyone involved, especially the client, knows exactly how the structure will look, feel and that every design and construction detail, down to the last nut and bolt, is answered for ahead of time. Ahead of any expensive mistakes! And so, Project Management Modeling was born.

Project Management Modeling (PMM) is a residential BIM (Building Information Modeling) solution combining project management, interior design and BIM that creates the most transparency and best results for our clients while saving money every step of the way.

“I love technology, I love being creative, I love collaborating with my clients and my subs and my engineers and I wanted to create an environment where everyone can do the best work possible and show it with everyone else in a collaborative open environment.” Rath

In most design and construction, especially in the residential genre, an architect will take the project so far and then usually hand it off to the engineer who hands it off to the builder. And then an interior designer steps in and you realize your Grandma’s heirloom bed wont fit into the guest room! The client is looking one way and then the next while those disciplines are not talking to each other. Everyone is separate. “It’s not well integrated. It is frustrating!” There wasn’t a BIM alternative for residential projects and something had to change. For Michael, the clients are the most important thing. “It’s my job, my duty to create the best possible house for them.” And so it was important that he would create a solution in order to achieve this.

It is time for our industry to change. We need to take advantage of technological advances and have a little fun doing it. “We have VR now!” The subs, the builders, and the clients can “walk around” the model of the house to be built and see how it will look. They will witness where they need to make changes as if the structure is already built. This allows for changes to be made quickly and without any cost involved.

By utilizing the latest technologies we are able to avoid costly mistakes, be more efficient and sustainable but also be more creative and trying things we wouldn’t have been able to do before. Can you image having a waterfall in your living room? You don’t have to imagine, we can show you in a 3D Model. If you love it, we can build it! Trilogy’s Project Management Modeling is giving you the ability to try new things, to make a custom home truly unique for our clients. If we have the technologies to achieve great things then why not take advantage of this? At Trilogy, we are capitalizing on these technologies and we want you to join us on this exciting adventure.

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It’s really a shame. No, it’s more than a shame. It’s Un-American. Millions upon millions of U.S. citizens might as well give up forever on their dream of owning a home. These are people who are qualified. Better credit, better income than most of those who’ve defaulted on millions of home mortgages in the past few years. Before the sub prime mortgage debacle, these people would have had no problem getting a mortgage. And they would have paid their debts. On time and in full. Now, they’re never going to get a chance to do that. Or if they do get a chance, it’s going to be years from now.

Locked Out Forever

The authors and commentators all agree: the banks and Wall Street in a cabal of greed conspired to bring about the home mortgage debacle. Many financial gurus lost their jobs when storied companies collapsed. But the real victims are those who dreamed of owning a home. Because credit has tightened to the point that only those who’ve saved substantially large down payments of 20% and sometimes more, and only those with stellar credit reports and I mean, stellar. Only those with guaranteed jobs and more than enough income, only these best of the best home buyers are going to be able to get a loan in the coming several years. That leaves millions upon millions of potential home owners, perhaps as many as 10,000,000 potential buyers, out in the cold. And that simply is not American. But at least for now, it is the American Way.

We’ve said it before, but at Trilogy Partners we see design and build as inseparable. We guide our clients through each important process, from concept, through construction and into completion. For over 12 years we have been creating exceptional custom built homes throughout the Colorado mountain region.

One of the reasons why we have been so successful is because we still maintain the same “client service” approach that has allowed us to develop strong relationships with our clients. Take a look at some of our work below.


Trilogy Partners


Trilogy Partners


Trilogy Partners

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We have heard a lot about “woman-centric” builders in the last couple of months. The industry is trying to tap into the minds of female buyers in hopes of getting them to open up their purse strings. Even CNBC and The Wall Street Journal have both written articles about the surge of builders targeting the female market. According to Business Week, women make 83% of all consumer purchases.

Some of the features you would find in a “woman-centric” home include more flexible and spacious living areas, larger storage space (including walk-in closets and pantries) and custom details like crown molding and granite countertops. And of course, my personal favorite, sound proof walls to drown out the laundry machines.

Are these features “woman-centric” or something that you would find in any custom-built home today? And if female buyers are looking for these types of design features, what are the males looking for?

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