The 2013 New American Home design is all about creating open and nature-embracing living spaces. In addition to the great energy efficiency features we’ve already discussed, the New American Home has many other interesting and inspiring features.

2013 New American Home

2013 New American Home

This year’s sits on a 0.66 acre lot south of Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada. It’s four levels and 6,721 square feet, containing an impressive 3 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, enclosed and open-air basements, a home theater, a library and a home office.

The designers kept the huge home feeling comfortable by weaving aspects of nature into almost every living space. From canals of water running through the house to the open air foyer to the zero-edge pools which line the sunken outdoor living area, there are relaxing sights and sounds of nature everywhere.

The New American Home design is complex, creating a home with so many visible layered spaces defined by more natural objects than walls was difficult. But, it’s been done in Henderson in a cleaver and breath-taking way, and it can be done in the Breckenridge area as well.

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Source: Builder Magazine

It is nearing the end of the year, a year that we at Trilogy Partners feel was a successful year for not only us, but for our clients as well. As a reminder of that success, we want to share our favorite blogs of 2012 with you:

Photo via the LA Times

  • Mad Men – The immense popularity of what was one of the most popular shows in the last few years influenced this post about a home completely inspired by the many mid-century style apartments showcased in the series.
  • The Perfect Entrance – A fantastic post about creating a lasting impression the moment you set foot through the entrance of a home.
  • A Sustainable Olympics– A very informing article about the London Olympics and what sustainable building practices they used in preparing for the summer games.
  • iPhone Apps – There’s nothing more pleasing than fooling around with new iPhone apps, and this post details five apps that help with home design.

As the saying goes, we should learn from the past, so why not peruse through some of our best blog posts for additional luxury homes design knowledge? Be sure to share your favorite post of last year with us as well!

Inhabitat reports that Steve Jobs has recently unveiled some rather unique plans for a new Apple campus. Jobs presented the plans at the Cupertino, California city council meeting, revealing designs for a “new clean energy spaceship-shaped campus.”

The design should allow Apple to fit more employees on their current plot of land, while also creating 350% more green space. The facility will have its own low-emissions power plant, and will only use grid power in case of a brownout. Parking will be located under the structure, and the company has hired an arborist to help select indigenous plants to add to the greenspace.

This is a really unique project, so it will be interesting to see more as the facility is constructed, assuming of course that the Cupertino city council approves the plans! Take a look at some images of the facility, below.

If you are interested in sustainable design and are looking for a world-class architecture firm to help you create a home that combines green convictions with personal style, contact our Colorado firm, Trilogy Partners, specializing in custom home design and construction.

images via Inhabitat

People will see one of my projects for the first time and well, I get this question a lot. “Where did you get your ideas?” they’ll ask. The simple answer is that first, I got inspired. And then, from somewhere, ideas started to fly in. But first comes inspiration. And it always happens. With every project. Because it has to if I’m to do my job and design the best house I know how.

Inspiration. I cannot over exaggerate the importance of inspiration as part of the creative process. Because inspiration brings passion. Integrity and honesty. Originality. And utility to every project. And long after I’m gone, inspiration stays behind to greet the homeowner, their family, and their guests ever time they enter the house. Or wake up in the morning. Inspiration is forever.

As to how the inspiration comes, the process usually goes something like this: I start thinking about the client. I ponder their… well their humanity, as strange as that may sound.  What is this house going to mean to them. Usually the house is a dream… something they’ve been wanting their entire lives. It’s an ambition that has survived through time, through years. Often this house represents sacrifice and certainly a measure of success. I’ll even ask the client, “what does this house mean to you?” Usually, it means a whole lot. Enough, on occasion, to make eyes well with tears. There is a story behind every house because there is a story behind the people who want to build it and each story is uniquely, beautifully human. It is from that seed of humanity that I feel the need, and a commitment, to help my client achieve their goals.  I feel inspired as my clients’ dreams become mine. And from that inspiration comes a passion that infuses the process with energy and originality.

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