Have a seat with your own dedicated design team. Let your imagination fly while our designers bring your ideas to life. Create your dream space all with the comfort of knowing this project is within your set budget.

With Trilogy Partners you are continually kept in the loop and in control of your budget and your money. Our transparent budgeting and draw process sends clients bi-weekly emails that detail where the project budget is up to that very day. The email details any line item that is over or under budget and lists why.

During a project with Trilogy Partners there are several steps that you will be involved in while designing and building your dream home. The very first step is a discovery period where a retainer is collected and your architect is brought on board to start working with our design and build team. At this point we sign a Memorandum of Understanding. This document identifies the scope of work, outlines costs and fees for services, performance, construction lending, and project start date.

After the discovery period we enter the design phase. This is your opportunity to unleash your creative side and be an integral part of your home’s design. You will sit down with Trilogy’s design team for real-time design sessions. See your home come to life as you design alongside our team and they make your dreams come to life through 3D modeling right in front of you.

Next step is a construction contract and build phase. The construction contract specifies the bi-weekly draws for your project and dates. Once we break ground you have daily photo and job updates bringing you into the construction process from anywhere in the world.

We provide total transparency for the cost of the project to keep everyone on track throughout the building of your dream home. If we find savings, our clients know about it in real time. The same goes if an item is over-budget, we can examine where we can make up that cost. Trilogy’s budgeting process keeps our clients informed and on track to honor their budget.

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