Are you planning on remodeling your home soon? If you are, then you should keep the environment in mind as you do so. The following are a few green remodeling tips to implement into your home renovation in order to reduce your environmental footprint as much as possible:

  • Replace windows – Upgrade your old windows with more energy efficient models to reduce the amount of air that leaks in and out of your home. In fact, you can use different glass panes for different parts of the home in order to get as much sunlight into your home as possible.
  • Upgrade appliances – While upgrading appliances such as your water heater or furnace may seem like unnecessary costs initially – you’ll end up saving on utility bills due to their added efficiency, making the initial costs worthwhile.
  • Use green products and materials – Make sure your remodeler uses green products, whether they are recycled materials or new, more energy efficient materials.

Use these green remodeling tips to ensure your home is environmentally-friendly. If you are in need of additional home remodeling advice, be sure to contact us at Trilogy Builds today.

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