We’re committed to helping our clients develop a style that includes as many green home design elements as possible. Some things are simply good old-fashioned common sense, like turning off lights when leaving a room and taking advantage of natural lighting. The mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle” is perfect for reminding us to lighten our carbon footsteps on our fragile earth.

Get creative with decorating by visiting flea markets and antique shops to look at old objects with a new eye to their purpose. Old glass bottles can turn into unique tiles, scrap metal can be re-purposed into wall panels for an industrial vibe, weathered wood can become flooring or a tabletop depending on your needs.

Conserving water is especially necessary these days. Using rain chains and barrels to divert and store rainwater for use later in the home and garden is a good way to conserve resources. Bring the green inside, as plants are natural air purifiers and make a lush background in your home. You can also save money at the grocery store by planting an indoor herb garden and growing veggies in window boxes.

Trilogy’s integrated design and build process makes living green in Colorado a sustainable lifestyle. Contact us for more information.

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