Colorado is becoming well known for its craft breweries but there are also some great little wineries popping up throughout the area. Buying wine quite often turns into collecting wine. A wine cellar is the perfect place to store your wine collection and can also be the perfect place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine.

Wine cellars can be incorporated into an existing space such as underneath the steps of your home or they can be built to a specific plan. Not all wine cellars need to be damp and dark.

Here are some suggestions for your future wine cellar:

  • Use bright colors on the walls to keep things bright and airy.
  • If you like a cozy feel wood floors can make the right impact.
  • If your cellar is short on height use custom lighting that sits close to the roof.
  • Leaving walls and floors concrete can provide the right temperature, add some comfort by laying down plush area rugs to provide texture and warmth.
  • Use a color combination making the walls a different color to the racks, this will provide visual appeal.

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