Today, we will review one of our luxury homes that truly reminds us of times gone by. Calecho, in Breckenridge, Colorado, is an eye-catching three-story home with a distinct and rustic style that embraces the history of Colorado mining. The home was converted from a mining structure built by an English miner early in the 20th century in order to convince the woman he loved to leave England and live with him.

Everything about the home captures the essence of the mining era, from the antique timber frame, to the wood clad ceilings, to the stained, aged floors made of granite, sandstone, rejuvenated old wood and exposed concrete. The interior steel accents are forged by hand and the exterior incorporates hand hewn beams and recycled ski-lift cables. Victorian furnishings perfectly suit the period, and a mine shaft elevator connects all three stories.

Although Calecho was specifically modeled to look old, the home operates on cutting-edge building technology. Thanks to its use of recycled materials and the  modern building science here at Trilogy Partners, Calecho is very environmentally friendly. Radiant heat, humidification and air circulation are all regulated by a hybrid heating system, which reduces energy consumption and helps to ease the stress on our environment.

If you are interested in remodeling a rustic mountain home to feature new technology and sustainable feature contact Trilogy Partners at 940-453-2230.

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