Here at Trilogy Partners, we believe that each historical architectural style has something to teach. This week, we’ve been inspired by the upcoming Great Gatsby film to talk about Long Island homes of the past. Here are some of the features of these residences that inspire us:

  • Solid materials. The Westbury House, pictured below, has a solid cedar shake roof and hand-made brick. The home, in the Charles II style, has undergone renovations that were respectful to its original architecture. It was completed in 1906.
Image via Curbed. Photos: James Robertson/Pbase.

Image via Curbed. Photos: James Robertson/Pbase.


  • Balance and proportion. Winfield Hall embodies Classical notions of balance and proportion. The look may be a bit stiff and formal for some, but it certainly is not going away anytime soon.


Image via Curbed.

Image via Curbed.


  • Thoughtful landscaping. Native trees were planted on the grounds of Hempstead House circa 1912. Today, they look as though they have been there forever.


Image via Curbed.

Image via Curbed.

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