The importance of energy modeling in zero net energy home design cannot be overstated. Energy modeling is an early design phase analysis used to determine the projected energy needs of the structure to be designed.

Michael Rath, a Breckenridge, Colorado zero net energy home builder and managing partner at Trilogy Partners, says, “One of the most important aspects of creating the ZNE structure is energy modeling. This takes place early in the design phase. It’s important to estimate accurately the energy requirements of the finished structure. An energy census is completed and sophisticated computer modeling is employed. Once the energy needs of the structure are estimated, systems can then be employed to provide enough energy to the structure so that it consumes no more than it produces and can indeed be called a ZNE building.”

Energy modeling analysis utilizes a proposed building program to define and quantify the energy demand, and to establish design criteria that are technically feasible and economically realistic. It takes into account all of the environmental data, and physical and programmatic information about the proposed net zero energy building.

Trilogy Partners was the first to build a zero net energy home in Breckenridge, Colorado in 2010. Contact us for information on building a home in the Breckenridge, Colorado area that emphasizes sustainability and zero net energy by visiting the Trilogy Partners website or calling 970-453-2230. Trilogy Partners of Breckenridge, CO “Design smart. Build beautiful.”


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