Here at Trilogy Partners, sustainability and green building practices are of high importance, so it is important for us to stay on top of green building trends and ideas. We recently came across some green building trends that are expected to emerge this year from Earth Advantage on the Sustainable Business website. Check out these ideas.

Many communities are expected to invest in shared renewable energy systems this year, such as solar energy sources.

  • Performance-Based Energy Codes – Compliance with energy codes is determined at the time a building permit is issued, using prescriptive or predictive models, and often times, post-construction energy consumption may never be reviewed. With performance-based energy codes, owners could peruse energy strategies that are most effective for their property.
  • Community Renewable Energy – Shared renewable energy systems will become increasingly popular this year. Investing in a shared renewable energy system could lower the cost by about 15 to 25%.
  • Rethinking Residential HVAC – Technological advances in applied building science has brought about the possibility to create ductless homes. Consider the “Passive House” standard, which uses such thick insulation that homes are heated by the occupants’ everyday activities.

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